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Located in the Brighton Township community, of Beaver PA. Lions Den Family Karate provides martial arts instruction in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido in a first class training facility.  Lions Den specialises in Family Programs, Kids instruction and womens self defense. Our champion black belt instructors will work closely with you, and for you, to build and strengthen skills that will benefit you and your family's health, mind and body. Contact us by phone: 724-777-5600

You do not have to be particularly athletic or aggressive to achieve success in the martial arts.  We want you to enjoy the experience and grow from it. You will learn Self Defense while training at your own pace and ability level.

Working out at Lions Den will change you.  Personal growth will take place.  You will become more capable, confident and be surprised how much potential you have.  Kids and youth will learn goal setting, discipline, focus, respect and more.  Adults will learn life is far from over as you regain some of your youthful vigor!  The hardest step is the first one.

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Try a couple classes free and with no obligation.  You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.  We offer Family Discounts and 3 different programs while excepting most major credit cards. Let us help you "unleash your potential" and reach new goals.
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What's Happening/Recent History

  • Lions Den, School of Champions, recognizes students of outstanding competitive achievement; Mr. Ellis and Mr. Ward, as #1 ranked Division Champions PA 2009 sanctioned by PKRA & PKC!   Mr. Josh Fazenmyer Overall Grand Champion 2010, 1st Place Division Champions 2011 Mr. Ward, and Ms.Trombulak with 1 title, in 2011 and repeating 2012  Mr. Dylan Heinselman- with tiltle in 2011 and repeating in 2012, and Ms. Kopp winning a title in 2012 - "Lions make Lions"........
  • Big Congratulations to Mr. Vaughn LaVoice (Master LaVoice's son) on earning his First Degree Black Belt in Sin Moo Hapkido from Grand Master MacKenzie! Master Bill LaVoice (Masters in Tae Kwon Do) was also promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt in Sin Moo Hapkido. Promotions were earned in July 2009. Master Bill LaVoice was inducteed into his forth Hall of Fame, Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2010.
  • Mr. Vaughn LaVoice tested successfully for his Masters Rank in TKD on October 17 2010 in NJ. He was enthusiastically promoted to Master Rank by 10th Dan Ken MacKenzie, becoming the youngest individual to ever be promoted to this rank by MacKenzies' prestegious organization.  Master LaVoice Sr. and Master "Vaughn" are a great  father and son team.
  • Congratulations to Ms.Tromulak for earning her 2nd Degreee Black Belts Oct 28th 2012. Congrats to 2011 Black Belt Graduates include: Fasenmyer, Justice, Kissick, Votilla, and Coleman our 5 tenacious and talented teenagers growing the legacy...
  • New Demo and Competiton Team created 2012: Mr. Heinselman Sr. as Team Leader and Manager. Congrats for first sucessfull Demo held at Geneva College this fall.... look here for future news
  • Our first paintball tournament was held in summer of 2012 and was a great and crazy fune event. Look forward to next years' tournament!

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Serving the Brighton Township, Beaver, Ohioville, Midland and Industry area since 2005! Our facility is also available for birthday parties and social functions.